Climbing Programs


Taste of Climbing

Wondering what this whole climbing thing is about? Come find out with a Taste of Climbing. A Shaker Rocks staff member will stay with you for one hour and show you the ropes (yes, pun intended). They'll get you set up with gear, run you through an orientation, teach you how to use the autobelays, belay you on the tall walls, and help you boulder.

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Climbing Foundations


Climb as you are: For Women by women


Belay Class

This course is designed for people with little or no climbing experience. You will learn basic knot tying, climbing commands, buddy checks, and how to belay (manage the rope so as not to drop your climbing partner). After completing this course, you will be prepared to pass the belay check and top rope independently at Shaker Rocks.

This class includes a two-week gym membership with rental gear.


Intro to Lead Climbing

This course is for top rope climbers who want to expand their terrain at Shaker Rocks and practice for the outdoors. Our lead climbing instructors will help you learn to lead quickly and carefully with good habits you can apply to indoor and outdoor climbing. You will be coached on proper clipping, belaying, rope handling, and risk management. We will help you stay focused while you're leading and show you how to give a "soft catch" to any partner. At the end of the course, you will be prepared to complete the lead climb and belay certification test.


Routesetting Clinic

The Shaker Rocks Routesetting Clinics will be a chance for climbers to learn what it takes to be a routesetter in a modern commercial climbing gym. The clinics will start with an introduction level covering the basics of setting and forerunning, and each clinic after will compound on ideas and techniques from the previous ones. Throughout all the clinics, participants will get hands-on experience setting boulders that will stay up in the gym for the public to climb.

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Raise Your Grade

Raise Your Grade is a four-week bootcamp designed specifically for those who currently climb in the V2/5.9 range, but are looking to start climbing more challenging and technical routes. You will spend time with an instructor in the bouldering area, on the roped walls, and in the fitness area of the gym during this series, being guided through workouts, technique drills, and route/problem beta. By the end of the month, you will have well-rounded climbing skills and be ready to bust through plateaus and start projecting at a new level.

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Private Belaying

Are you looking for a belayer to assist you during your time at Shaker Rocks? Shaker Rocks offers Private Belayers to help out. One of our staff members will stay with you and belay you as long as you need. Each belayer can be secured in on hour blocks to help groups, parties, or kids with their top rope needs.

Shaker Rocks Shaker Rocks Cleveland Climbers Outreach Gym to Crag event on Thursday, Oct. 8, 2021 in Shaker Heights, OH

Anchor Cleaning Class

“Cleaning” a route is the process of removing all of your gear after you’re done climbing a sport route outdoors. Alongside lead climbing and belaying skills, this is the most important skill needed to take your climbing skills outside, and doing it wrong can be catastrophic. In this 2-hour class, you will learn how to do this quickly and confidently, based on the local climbing ethics for the New River Gorge and Red River Gorge climbing areas.


Trips to Whipps

Get outside and experience the thrill of top rope climbing on real rock at Whipps Ledges at Hinkley Reservation! Trips are geared towards climbers with little or no outside climbing experience. Beginner climbers are welcome.

Rice Family outside 3

Family Trips to Whipps

Get outside as a family and experience the thrill of top rope climbing on real rock at Whipps Ledges at Hinkley Reservation! Trips are geared toward climbers with little or no outside climbing experience. Beginner climbers are welcome.

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Private Coaching

If you want to take your climbing to next level in a private and personalized setting, a private coaching session is for you. Our coaches will work with you from any level and help you take your climbing to new heights (yes, pun intended).

Private coaching can be done solo or in small groups (up to 3 people max).

Cost: $70/hour
*Day passes and rental gear are not included with private coaching.

Click here to meet our coaches!

To set up a private coaching session, please fill out our Pre-Coaching Questionnaire. We'll get in touch when we've received your questionnaire.