Intro Classes

Intro Classes

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Taste of Climbing

Wondering what this whole climbing thing is about? Come find out with a Taste of Climbing. A Shaker Rocks staff member will stay with you for one hour and show you the ropes (yes, pun intended). They'll get you set up with gear, run you through an orientation, teach you how to use the autobelays, belay you on the tall walls, and help you boulder.


Climbing Foundations


Climb as you are: The Basics


Belay Class

This course is designed for people with little or no climbing experience. You will learn basic knot tying, climbing commands, buddy checks, and how to belay (manage the rope so as not to drop your climbing partner). After completing this course, you will be prepared to pass the belay check and top rope independently at Shaker Rocks.

This class includes a two-week gym membership with rental gear.

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Private Belaying

Are you looking for a belayer to assist you during your time at Shaker Rocks? Shaker Rocks offers Private Belayers to help out. One of our staff members will stay with you and belay you as long as you need. Each belayer can be secured in one hour blocks to help groups, parties, or kids with their top rope needs.

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Private Coaching

If you want to take your climbing to next level in a private and personalized setting, a private coaching session is for you. Our coaches will work with you from any level and help you take your climbing to new heights (yes, pun intended).

Private coaching can be done solo or in small groups (up to 3 people max).

Cost: $70/hour
*Day passes and rental gear are not included with private coaching.

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To set up a private coaching session, please fill out our Pre-Coaching Questionnaire. We'll get in touch when we've received your questionnaire.