Our Story

Our Story

Shaker Rocks was conceptualized in 2015 by Shaker Heights residents and long-time climbers Annie and Spencer Richman. After visiting rock gyms around the country while their son competed in youth climbing competitions, they realized that the Cleveland climbing community was lacking a large, modern gym that so many other cities enjoyed.  They decided to bring it home to Shaker Heights. Together, with a group of enthusiastic partners, Annie and Spencer secured Shaker Rocks a spot in the new Van Aken District. The group’s desire was to serve families, serious climbers, and new adventurers in the unique atmosphere of Van Aken where climbers could shop, eat, and do their daily living all within a walkable neighborhood. Shaker Rocks came to life in April of 2019.

As a strong supporter of the Shaker Schools, Shaker Rocks looks to develop a close relationship with the district by providing students with various opportunities to experience the joys of climbing and the personal benefits that come with it – increased determination, a strong work ethic, physical and mental fitness, and community building.  Shaker Rocks’ motivation from inception has been to support Cleveland’s existing community, and to raise the next generation of Cleveland climbers.


To provide the best climbing experience possible.


To improve people's quality of life by providing opportunities to experience joy, and to create connections to a caring and supportive community.


Shaker Rocks provides a unique opportunity for sport, camaraderie and civic pride. It is a climbing and social hub for local residents, a destination spot for the entire region, and a supporter of environmentally and socially responsible actions.