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Bouldering is climbing on short walls (approximately 15 feet tall) without the use of ropes; instead you drop onto big cushy crash pads.

To belay means to manage the rope for your climbing partner. The person holding the rope is the “belayer.”

Using an auto-belay device allows you to climb without a belayer. It automatically retracts webbing as you climb up and slowly lowers you down again.

Nope. Anyone can climb by purchasing a day pass.

Yes. We require a belay check for both top rope and lead. No charge!

Don’t worry. There are many options to get you started. Check out the “Get Started” tab at the top of the home page and see what looks appealing.

Only if you want to take a class or reserve a belayer. Otherwise drop in any time during open hours.

YES! For convenience, please complete the online waiver here. It will save time and get you climbing as fast as possible.

That depends. Anyone can climb. However, we recommend not putting your child in a harness before the age of four, and you must be 14 or older to belay or use the fitness facilities.

That depends. If they are 14 or over, yes. If they are under 14, they must be directly supervised by an adult.

Yes. Climbing shoes are required. You will also need a harness and belay device to climb with ropes. All gear is to available to rent or purchase at Shaker Rocks.

Yes. You can boulder or use the auto-belays. Or you might be able to find a belay buddy at the gym – we encourage community building and you can ask our friendly staff for help being introduced to other climbers around your ability level.

Absolutely! No charge. You will need to sign a waiver before entering the gym.

No, but you will need to sign a waiver before entering the gym.

Comfortable clothing that you can move in. We recommend pants or long shorts so your skin stays protected from the harness and textured walls. Please wear socks if you plan to rent shoes.

There are many options. See the parking map at the bottom of our website.

Fitness and training facilities are located on the East end of the mezzanine. Systems board, campus rungs, free weights, hang boards, ellipticals, and treadmills are some of the equipment available. Additional equipment, specialized fitness classes and workshops may become available as our community grows. The fitness area is limited to visitors age 14 years and older.

Nothing extra! Daily yoga is included with all passes and memberships.

Auto-renewing memberships deduct dues each month from your bank account or charge dues to your credit card (there is a 3% surcharge each month if you choose to charge to a credit card). These memberships continue indefinitely until you choose to cancel. You can freeze or cancel your membership at any time, but you must submit your request to change your member status at least 10 days before the next billing date to ensure that you will not be billed membership dues for the next month (we bill on the 1st of each month).

Yes. With lockers and showers. Please bring your own lock and towel.

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