Adult (Age 23+): $20

Youth/Service (Age 22 and under, active military, fire, EMS & police)

Child (Age 5 and under): Free with a paying adult.

*Available for purchase in gym only.

Rental Gear:

Climbing Shoes: $5

Harness: $4

Belay Device: $3

*Socks are required with all rental shoes. We have them available at our facility for $1 if you do not bring your own!


Price: $165.

Details: Good for 10 day passes, no expiration date.

*Available for purchase in gym only.

*Punch passes are not transferable, but you can punch in up to two friends/family members (metaphorically only, please don’t punch people) each visit if they accompany you.



All memberships include:

Unlimited Climbing, Fitness, & Yoga | 1 Guest Pass per Day for First Time Visitors | 20% Discount on Rental Gear | 10% Discount on Pro-Shop Merchandise | Discounts on Programming | Free Belay Class | Free Member-Only Events

Auto Renew (EFT)

Monthly auto-renewing memberships continue indefinitely, but can be cancelled or frozen. DUes are deducted each month from your bank account or are charged to your credit card (this option adds a 3% credit card charge).

Adult: $79/month

+ One time enrollment fee of $40

Youth & Service: $69/month

+ One time enrollment fee of $30

Graduate Student: $72/month

+ One time enrollment fee of $30

Family: $185/month

+ One time enrollment fee of $40


Membership Freeze

Going away fro a while? Put your membership on hold so that when you return you do not have to pay another enrollment fee. A $5 fee will be charged monthly instead of your membership rate.


Adult (Annual): $870.

Youth & Service (Annual): $760.

Grad Student (Annual): $795.

Family (Annual): $1,950.

One Month Pre-Paid: $115

Adult Three Month Pre-Paid: $265

Youth & Service Three Month Pre-Paid: $230

Grad Student Three Month Pre-Paid: $240

*All membership terminations and freezes must be completed 10 days before the first of the month.

*Adult is the standard membership for anyone age 23+

*Youth are anyone age 22 or under. Service members are active duty military, fire, EMS, or police service people.

*Families are two adults and all children, under 18, living in the same household.