Goats (3-7)


unnamed (7)

Little Goat

Ages 3-4 years old

This parent-child class allows you and your littlest climber to gain agility, balance, and coordination as they joyfully become comfortable and brave on the climbing wall. Your child's gross motor and listening skills will be developed through instructional climbing games and activities. You will learn how to assist your child on the wall so that you can develop a new family hobby!


Big Goat

Ages 5-7 years old

This class is a step up from Little Goats. It encourages participation in a greater variety of climbing experiences, including top-rope climbing, bouldering, and auto-belays. Big Goats will learn about harnesses, belay devices, and safety. They will gain confidence, knowledge, and new sense of excitement as they become more independent in their spot.


Mountain Goat

Ages 6-7 years old

This class is a step beyond Big Goats. Building upon foundational elements learned through the Big Goat class, Mountain Goats will be encouraged to increase their participation and proficiency in top-rope climbing, bouldering, and auto-belays. As they are introduced to new challenges and opportunities, Mountain Goats will increase their skill and independence in their sport.