School Groups

Shaker Rocks has a unique relationship with the Shaker Schools.  We host after school climbing clubs for both Middle School and High School.  If your school is interested in after-school programming, field trips or other special programs, contact us for more information about how to get started.

Shaker Middle School 

After School Climbing Club

Rock climbing can be a rewarding change from the hectic pace of middle school. Students walk to Shaker Rocks with their club advisor(s) and return in time for a late bus home. Each week as students’ climbing skills develop they will have opportunities to explore new terrain, work on challenging problems, gain confidence and improve their strength and resiliency. They will learn gym etiquette, fundamental technique on ropes and boulders, and the essentials of risk management.

Home School

Rock climbing is an exciting way to include physical education into a homeschool curriculum. Rock climbing challenges the body and mind while promoting fitness, problem solving, determination, and resilience. Certified climbing instructors will teach your student fundamental techniques on boulders and ropes, belay training (if 14 or older), essential risk management, and gym etiquette. As students’ progress, they will have opportunities for more advanced instruction, and most importantly, have lots of fun! On the first day, parents are offered a complimentary belay class so they can help their child climb when not in class.

Cost: $79/month, 25% off for first sibling, 50% off for each additional sibling.

Members $49/month, 25% off for first sibling, 50% off for each additional sibling.

Duration: 90 minutes/week

Age Requirement: 6-18

Includes: Rental gear*

Needs a minimum of two to run.


Join us for climbing with your college climbing club or team! If your school doesn’t have a climbing club or team and wants to start one, we can help you get it off the ground. Contact us to get started. 

Independent Study PE

Students looking for a different kind of sport will find rock climbing uniquely individual yet socially inspiring. As students log their hours of climbing, fitness and yoga at Shaker Rocks they will not only develop agility, balance, strength, focus and endurance, but naturally develop friendships within the climbing community. They will learn how to problem solve, advance their climbing technique, develop resilience through failure, and have opportunities to help others.

Cost: $60, *Free for Shaker Heights public school students

Duration: One semester

Includes: Rental gear for six weeks

Prerequisites: Monthly EFT Gym membership

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