Nathan Holstein

Nathan Holstein

Operations Manager

Nathan grew up right around the corner from Shaker Rocks on Manchester Rd, and spent a lot of time at the old Van Aken as a youngin’, frequenting Sand’s and the Italian Café (so he’s ecstatic about the Belgian Waffles at Nature’s Oasis). His passion for climbing started in college, where he picked up bouldering, and eventually became a more well-rounded climber out in Denver, CO, where he managed and roasted for a coffee shop called Wash Perk. He has a firm belief that because we’re all primates, climbing can truly be for everyone. Don’t be afraid to strike up conversation with this trash panda, even if he’s digging through the garbage; that’s just his method of waste and finance management.  

Due to the upcoming competitions, the bouldering area will be closed from Wed, Oct 16 – Sat, Oct 19. Discounted day passes available.


The entire gym will be closed on Sat, Oct 19th until 5 PM.