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These positions are currently filled, but keep an eye out for more opportunities as we grow!

Yoga Instructor

In this independent contractor position, you will provide a much-needed release for climbers and non-climbers alike. Yoga teachers are dependable, service-oriented team players. Our team of yoga teachers lead vinyasa flow, yin/relaxation, power/core, and kids yoga classes for a balanced weekly calendar, and are welcome to propose classes and workshops to broaden their own practice and Shaker Rocks’ offerings. Required Qualifications: Certification from a recognized 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Learn more.

Climbing Instructor

Our team of climbing instructors is knowledgeable, friendly, and encouraging. A climbing instructor teaches groups of kids, adults, and everyone in between in proper belay practices, risk management, and climbing technique. Every climbing instructor is a people-person—they know how to meet people where they are and help them grow in their climbing confidence and competence. Instructors will lead Intro to Belay, Intro to Movement, Intro to Beta, and Lead Climbing classes, as well as instruct and support summer camps, school groups, and Scouts. This role is ideal for experienced climbers who want to help grow the Cleveland climbing community. Required Qualifications: Belay certification from Shaker Rocks; ability to onsight 5.9. Learn more.

Floor Staff

In this multi-faceted role, you’ll make the gym run. You will greet visitors, get people checked in, coordinate gear rental, run the point of sale system, conduct belay and equipment safety checks, assist with facility maintenance, work parties and other big events, and make the gym an all-around awesome place to be. This role provides flexibility and variety, both in your duties and your schedule, and invites you to find your niche and grow in your role. If you are enthusiastic about climbing, yoga, and fitness and want to work as part of a fun-loving dynamic team, this position is for you! Learn more.

Event Staff

If you’re looking for that super flexible side-hustle where you don’t need any art skills, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of belay staff chooses available shifts at their convenience (though we may occasionally beg you nicely to come help us out) and provide belay services for birthday parties, special events, private groups, and other activities. This position is great for anyone who wants complete control of their schedule, or who just want to be part of an awesome team! Learn more. 

Summer Camp Counselor

Shaker Rocks’ Camp Counselors are enthusiastic, encouraging and patient. They love working with kids, and aren’t afraid to get a little silly doing it. Camp Counselors lead groups of campers entering grades 1-8 through various activities—climbing and otherwise—and want to support their campers’ growth as both climbers and people. If you like kids and want to share your love of climbing, this position is for you! Learn more.


Routesetters at Shaker Rocks are the team that create our product: the climbing. Routesetters are enthusiastic and experienced climbers themselves, and enjoy working on a team. As a routesetter, you develop and set new bouldering and sport climbing routes each week and take care of the walls and holds; repairing, sorting, and cleaning as needed. Essentially, routesetters are the keepers of the keys to climbing—without them, we wouldn’t be much of a gym. If you are a team player who wants to bring quality climbing to the community, this role is for you! Learn more.

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All of our positions are currently filled. We will post an application here for any future openings.